“My work is my love, I give you my love.” Pattini

I do hair! I am convinced that the hair to fall in love with is effortless hair. Effortless hair is achieved when hair color complements your skin’s natural pigment and the cut enhances the shape of your head, face, and body.

I attended school in 2012 at Carsten’s Institute of Cosmetology in Phoenix, AZ. I apprenticed under Carsten Wilms at Carsten Salon for two years continuing my training in French Haircutting. I have been independent for the last seven years, three in Oregon and have been part of the team at Karma Salon in Ithaca, New York for four years.

I attended the DevaCurl Level 1 class in Buffalo, NY and am a Deva Inspired Professional.


As a stylist for weddings, for me, the focus is on the beauty of the client. How the hair is styled directly reflects and enhances the facial and body features. It’s also important to me that this style lasts throughout the night. There’s something so special about styling hair for a wedding while being surrounded by people showing so much love. I can create a style based on a photo you’re attracted to and/or we can talk about what would work best with your attire and vibe. All hair styles are custom to the individual. Also available for wedding guests and bridal parties.